CHRO Insight Series: 

The One Mind Initiative at Work CHRO Insights Series is developed through interviews with leading employers to gather key activities and actions in support of workplace mental health. These examples are designed to inspire other leaders to share their experiences in an ongoing journey of supporting mental health among diverse organizations, industries and workforces. Two date, we have two reports to share as shown below: 


The first report, titled Mental Health in the Workplace: Perspectives of HR and Benefits Leaders provides key insights from the One Mind Initiative at Work’s 2017 conversations with HR and benefits leaders at major US employers about workplace mental health. We feel these conversations produced valuable lessons that can guide efforts in this field, and which will serve as a foundation for future initiatives. DOWNLOAD AND READ THE 2017 REPORT


The second report drafted in 2018 includes a diverse collection of industries and approaches, including employers that cross international boundaries. Our interviews involved representatives from a broad spectrum of industries, including finance, retail, telecommunications, and healthcare. The resources and programs developed by the companies in this report support approximately 1.5 million employees worldwide. DOWNLOAD AND READ THE 2018 REPORT